Social Media Marketing Overview

Establishing a presence on social media is important for virtually any company or brand in the modern age, but not everyone has time for it. We will create the necessary accounts for you and/or your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and/or LinkedIn. Additional services may be provided for clients who wish to use Facebook Ads.

Social Media Accounts

$250 per account

If you are new to the social media world, but recognize the importance of having an online presence, you may be interested in simply setting up an account. Accounts we are able to setup include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube. For each account we will include:

  • High-resolution square image of business logo

  • Business information, summary, and hours of operation (as applicable)

  • Follow relevant businesses, people, and organizations

  • Custom banner images

  • Create the first 3-5 posts to initiate content development

  • Submit custom video tutorials to teach client how to continue managing social media for optimal results

Social Media Advertising

$100 per advertisement

We offer advertising services on Facebook only. We will publish your advertisement for you on Facebook using our knowledge of target audiences, keywords, and more. Please note that this cost is associated only with the service of actually publishing and targeting the advertisement itself. This cost does not include the ad itself (look at or Ads page for that), and does not include the cost of advertising through Facebook itself.

Social Media Management

$65 per hour

Do you have social media accounts already but need someone to manage them and generate content on them? For a flat rate of $65/hr we will update your desired social media pages for you at a frequency in which you request (daily, three times per week, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly).