Website Design Overview

AKMarketing specializes in creating beautiful user-friendly websites for our clients with their preference of Squarespace or Wordpress platforms. As our world becomes increasingly dependent on digital and visual media, we believe the power of websites to communicate important information about you, your company, product, or service is more important than ever. We pride ourselves in working with clients who have busy and demanding schedules. That means our services are centered around making this whole process as easy as possible for you.

Website Design Services

Base Rate Pricing
personal websites starting at $2,500
company websites starting at $6,000

Pricing of websites can vary considerably based on a variety of factors such as complexity, size, whether or not there is a blog, how much content is on those blogs, and the extent of content a client has in general. After completing an initial client intake and understanding your goals and needs, a project summary (Statement of Work) including a budget, timeline, and detailed description will be submitted to you for your confirmation. All web-design projects will require a 50% initial deposit before work beings.

While we will make ourselves available to clients for maintenance, we also want to empower clients and/or their assistants with the tools, knowledge, and confidence necessary to manage minor updates on the website as needed. The sustainability of your website is important to us. We have observed far too many professionals with websites in which they are wholly dependent on a designer or developer who is nowhere to be found. We create customized video tutorials for all clients to train you on how to use your website and/or blog.

Popular Additional Services


a sketch of proposed website structure before beginning the project with up to 2 rounds of client feedback

helping clients organize existing content, determining what content is necessary, transferring old content, transferring old blogs, mapping content, learn more here

professional photography (strongly recommend), learn more here

$800 - SEO AUDIT OR $1,600mo - SEO RETAINER
increase your search results, learn more about SEO services here

build a following on your blog or website by sending monthly, quarterly, or annual newsletters, learn more here

make your website and online brand stand out with a custom logo, learn more here


*These costs do not include the cost of owning and maintaining a website and domain name. Website plans may cost anywhere from $12-26/month, but are less if paid annually. Domains may cost around $10-30/year. Clients are responsible for providing billing information to set up these necessary services.