AKMarketing Lead
Website Design

Alysha has been creating websites since 2010. Her largest project included designing an interactive website for the mindfulness program at the University of Washington. She believes websites are important tools for communicating the work and mission of any individual or organization. Alysha is knowledgeable in the organization of information, and understanding how to visually communicate complex ideas, services, and products to clients. An underrated aspect of web design, this skill is essential for making websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Alysha learned design concepts and techniques from the University of Washington School of Human-Centered Design & Engineering as well as the Seattle School of Visual Concepts. She also has her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington, and has extensive knowledge in strategic planning including developing mission and vision statements for organizations.


Julia is an exceptional photographer and photo editor with years of experience taking photos of clients for business, wedding, and personal use. She uses natural light to capture images that exude strength and authenticity in her clients. You can view Julia’s personal website here.

Graphic Design

Lauren has over five years of experience working as a graphic designer. She studied art history and anthropology at the University of Washington where she worked as a reporter and deign layout specialist for The Daily newspaper. Lauren is skilled in translating client's ideas into logos and graphics that are creative and professional. 

SEO Specialist

Jennifer is a search engine optimization (SEO) extraordinaire. SEO is a critical part of making sure the people you want can easily find your website. Currently, Jen works at RedFin doing marketing outreach and SEO. 

Social Media Marketing

Noelle is a skilled graphic designer with years of experience creating logos and other visuals. Noelle is also recognized as a social media guru, and was asked in 2018 to lead a national webinar for YoungLife on the power of social media marketing.