We specialize in helping professionals communicate their more human qualities through the design of their website. In the modern age, the market has changed and clients are often looking to work with professionals who also have a strong sense of character. The stuffy professional photos and bios that read like everyone else in your industry are a thing of the past. It is becoming increasingly important for professionals to stand out, demonstrate what makes them unique, and to open up a window into who they are. Clients are also attracted to websites that have a more clean, modern, and visually compelling design. Recognizing these trends, we decided to focus our company around the need to build creative websites that help busy professionals shine a light on what makes them unique and... human.

2. What will it cost?

Our pricing structure can be found on our "Web Design Overview & Pricing" page. The cost of a website will vary significantly based on what your needs are and what our starting point is (it will cost more to build a website for someone who doesn't have very much content than it will for someone who already has a depth of content). 

3. How will I maintain my website once you finish it?

We specialize in customized website tutorial videos for our clients. All web design packages come with 1-3 customized tutorial videos that you or your assistant can use to manage and use your website.

4. What if I need support with my website after it is finished?

We offer quarterly website maintenance plans (view here). For clients who need support in less than 3-business days, we offer express maintenance services at $150/hr.

5. Do I have to communicate with all of HKMarketing partners?

No. The benefit of working with HKMarketing is that you do not need to contact a separate SEO specialist, photographer, graphic designer, or content editor all on your own. We strive to streamline everything as much as possible for our clients. Occasionally, our photographers or videographers may need to contact you to schedule photo or video sessions. Beyond this, all payments and communications are made directly through HKMarketing. 

6. What's the difference between a web designer and developer?

Most simply, web designers focus on the visual layout and design of your website including hierarchy, typesetting, spacial relations, and user experience. Web developers deal with more "invisible" aspects of website development including advanced coding. Since HKMarketing specializes in creating websites that are user-friendly and easy for our clients to manage, we do not do extensive coding or backend work on websites. For the majority of website users, we find that advanced coding is unnecessary, costly, and often leads to difficulty with website maintenance. For clients with needs that require web developers, we have some coding expertise and will contract out work as necessary to expert developers.

7. How do I get started?

Please contact us here. After we receive your message, we will follow up by sending you a client intake form. The online form is a way for us to learn more about your needs. After you fill out the form, we will follow-up to clarify your project goals and draft a statement of work (SOW) that includes the project description, timeline, and budget. All parties involved with your project are required to sign the SOW. Upon signing, a 50% deposit is due, and work will commence.