How to give feedback on the first draft of your website.

We are addicted to your feedback at HKMarketing. If you are new to design, you might be unfamiliar with how to make suggestions for improvement. Here are some questions you should think about when you look at the first draft of your site. Share your feedback openly with your web designer, we call it a "draft" for a reason... your final product should be something you love!

  1. How does the home page feel to you? Show it to someone who knows little about your work/company and ask them about their first impressions. Does it convey the things you want it to? If not, how can it be improved?
  2. Do you like the layout of the menu (the links that are, usually, at the top of the page)? Does everything seem organized and in the correct order/place?
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your page. There usually will be a "footer" at the end of your website, maybe with the address of your company or other usually boring but important information. Is there any info missing here or stuff you think is unnecessary?
  4. Overall, how does the layout of the home page feel to you? Do you wish it were simpler? Does it feel empty or lacking in content? If yes, let us know what to take out or bulk up on.
  5. For each page - does the content and imagery portray the purpose of that page correctly?
  6. Are you happy with the colors that were chosen for your overall website design? If not, let us know what needs to be tweaked.
  7. Are the images that were used throughout your site appropriate? That is, do they correspond correctly with the purpose/intent? Do you wish different images were used?
  8. Do you feel like it's easy to navigate your website? If you have a blog, is it easy to view and understand how to locate different posts?
  9. Does the overall website convey your initial goal? Does it feel like you? If not, let us know what we missed.

There is no such thing as being too picky. We're all about the small details. If you have an idea for something you'd like to see in the website, but aren't sure if it's feasible... don't let that stop you from asking! Sometimes clients have very cool ideas for their website. And even if we can't make a flying spaceship pop out of the screen, we sure can work with that idea to make something unique and interesting.